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This past summer, LEA members attended the Livingston Senior Pool Party.  Senior & Adult Enrichment and Special Events Coordinator, Liliana Branquinho, said that everyone enjoyed the event which featured LEA giveaways of towels and water bottles.

Jenn & Melissa greet Seniors
Seniors & LEA - Perfect!
Use this link to identify your

Use the NJ Kids & Families Link below and the NJEA website to find out what's happening in NJ and to find out more about what you can do to make sure our voices are heard.

NJ Kids & Families
NJ Kids & Families
Having trouble deciphering your payroll deductions?

Check out this chart for an explanation of all deductions

Did You Know? 

There is a $50.00 benefit available to you every 2 years for prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses? Submit your receipt using a BC/BS claim form.

Did You Know? 
NJEA members can design their own business cards for as little as $10 plus shippng for 250 cards from Communiprint. This very inexpensive service requires that members go to the Member Benefits site at

Did You Know? 
The Oracle Education Foundation sponsors ThinkQuest - a free, safe, online platform for teachers and students.  In includes an online project environment, competitions for students and a library of  content created by students.  Visit the online repository of projects at this link:

The LEA has a mini-office at Heritage: 973-535-8000 x7363
Did you know......
ECEA Newsletter Available
The Essex County Education Association publishes an informative newsletter.  Use this ECEA Newsletter link to read their December issue.
For past issues of their newsletter, please see the ECEA website:

NJEA introduces a new "Take Action" Page!

Here’s the link to the site . . .<>

Take a minute to check it out . . .  it’s an easy resource to use to find out about your legislators and to learn how to follow their actions on Facebook and Twitter.

Document Library

DocumentBus DriversMUA June 2011
DocumentHigh School ScheduleMUA June 2011
DocumentPart Time EmployeesMUA June 2011
DocumentLeaves of AbsenceMUA June 2011
DocumentSpecial Education Support PersonnelMUA June 2011
NJ Legislative News and Information
Document Library
The Document Library files below contain information regarding the most recent changes to NJ employee health, pension, retirement benefits and required rates of contribution.

Document Library

DocumentHealth Benefits - RatesThis chart shows rates that are currently in effect for health insurance and prescription benefit coverages. For the time being though, the district is using 1.5% of our salaries as the cost for our coverage.
DocumentPension Bill ComparisonSide by side comparison highlighting the changes made with the new law
DocumentPension Benefit AnalysisA detailed chart explaining the enacted changes
DocumentPremium Sharing ChartDetails the employee contributions required

Summer Pay Now Available! 

Brought to you courtesy of the LEA!  This will be the first year of this new program! This plan is only for 10 month employees.  DIRECT DEPOSIT IS MANDATORY.    Starting 9/1/09 thru 8/31/10.  Receive 24 checks (Direct Deposit) versus 20.  Summer checks (4) will be a different amount than checks received Sept. thru June (20).  If you did not sign up this year, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for next year.

FORMULA:   Your gross salary is not divided by 24.  10% of gross pay will be deducted from 20 checks, then you will receive that amount divided by 4 over the summer – July 15th, July 31st, August 15th and August 30th.   All taxes, deductions for 403(b) plans, etc. are paid from September thru June checks.


EXAMPLE:    If your yearly salary is $60,000 this amount will be divided by 20 ($3,000)

This amount would then become your bi-monthly salary with normal deductions, taxes, pension, dues, etc.  Let’s say $2100 would be your take home – from that amount $600 would be deducted for summer pay, reducing your take home pay to $1500 twice a month.    Your yearly salary is not divided by 24.  Part of the reason has to do with pension.  10 month employees DO NOT want their pension based on 12 months – it would take you longer to reach your 25 years!!!


10% of gross pay will be deducted from bi-monthly checks September thru June. New hires cannot sign up their first year of employment.  It is extremely important that you understand that the 10% is determined by State statute – it is not up for discussion.  There are no other amounts available. 


Each year you must sign up for the summer savings plan – it does not automatically rollover. There will be an annual enrollment that must be completed by June 15th for the following twelve months starting with September. Once enrolled YOU CANNOT DROP THE PLAN or OPT-OUT DURING the year.  Therefore it is extremely important that you take a good hard look at your finances.  After receiving your first check in September you cannot decide it doesn’t work for you.  You are committed for 12 months. 


Money will be placed in an interest bearing sub-account of the district and cannot be withdrawn at any time.  Accumulated interest will be added to the amount contributed and figured into the 4 summer pays.  If  interest is over $10, you may receive a 1099 form at tax time. You will be required to sign a contract to institute the savings plan.  In case of death, monies will be transferred to one’s estate.   

If you need additional help guesstimating your take home salary, you may contact Debbie Ludwig, Payroll Manager at ext. 8005

The website is filled with articles, information and offers to help NJ teachers and support staff.  While some of the site is open to all, there are "Members Only" sections which require a log-in and password to access.  Visit   at  and check out this valuable resource.