Livingston Education Association

Leading the Way

LEA  Negotiations Committee

The purpose of the Negotiations Committee is to provide leadership, guidance, and representation in contract negotiations. 

Kathie Abrams Burnet Hill Negotiations
Dave Arensburg Riker Hill Negotiations
Marlena Celebre Hillside Negotiations
Keith Chaudruc MPE Negotiations
Michele Downey Heritage Negotiations
Chris Ebneth Hillside Negotiations
Dawn Feeley LHS Negotiations
Wendy Gelman LHS Negotiations
Lisa Fischer Harrison Negotiations
Linda Kleban LHS Negotiations
Jennifer Larsen Heritage VP/Nego Chair
Mary Morris Heritage Negotiations
James Page LHS Negotiations
Deb Paolella Riker Hill Negotiations
Lenore Piccoli MPE Negotiations
Frank Pietropinto Burnet Hill Negotiations
Paul Raiz LHS Negotiations
Anthony Rosamilia LHS President
Karen Schlam Collins Negotiations
Jodi Shalom Collins Negotiations
Suzanne Steckert MPM Negotiations
Maureen Tobia Harrison Negotiations
Jaime Violette Harrison Negotiations
Robin West Harrison Negotiations