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President's Corner:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of Jen, Lynn, Melissa and myself, I'd like to thank the membership for attending our General Meeting on May 15th, to learn about the proposed contract.  
On this page you will find the files and/or the links to the files, which detail the proposed contract.

Again, my sincere thanks Jen and the Negotiations Teams for working diligently to negotiate the best possible contract.
Thank you,
Anthony Rosamilia

President, Livingston Education Association

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LEA Executive Board - Melissa DeAngelus, Treasurer, Anthony Rosamilia, President, Lynn Schwartz, Secretary and Jennifer Larsen, Vice President

2015-2017 LEA Executive Board

Anthony Rosamilia

Vice President
Jennifer Larsen 

Melissa DeAngelus

Lynn Schwartz 

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Rep Council meets once a month (see the calendar). All reps should attend and all LEA members are welcome, as well.  Information is shared and members have another opportunity to discuss matters of concern. More reps are needed for EVERY building.  If you are interested, please contact
Lynn Schwartz for information.

May/June 2017
LPS-LEA Proposed Contract Information:
Contract Overview Slide Guide
Salary Guides
Stipend Guides
Health Insurance Plans
Health Insurance Premium Percentages

Summary of Contract Language Changes

Salary Guides

Stipend Guides

Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Contribution
Use this info to determine % of your contribution

Jackals Baseball
Jackals Baseball

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